We believe that Arbitration, Mediation and/or Conciliation are effective modes of settlement of disputes between parties. The process of Arbitration has shown that it can be very effective, particularly in resolving large commercial disputes relating to building contracts, real estate, highly technical and intricate disputes, etc. Arbitration has also been effectively used to resolve International Commercial disputes, where one of the affected party is a Foreign entity or a person.

With the establishment of the Bangalore Mediation Centre by the High Court of Karnataka in the city of Bengaluru, the process of mediation has now received legal sanction from the Courts of Law. Personal/family disputes, matrimonial disputes, smaller monetary claims and such other disputes are most effectively resolved by Mediation. We at S&R strongly support the Mediation process and with the consent of our Clients adopt this process of dispute resolution regularly for the benefit of our Clients.

At S&R, our philosophy to assist and ensure effective dispute resolution for our Clients, has been an important guiding factor which has given us the impetus to establish the ‘Bangalore Arbitration Centre’ in portion of our Law Chambers. The Bangalore Arbitration Centre, situated in the traditional business hub of Bengaluru, provides the necessary infrastructure for conducting arbitrations and other conciliatory meetings at a nominal cost. Please do contact us for further information regarding the Bangalore Arbitration Centre.