The story of Sundaraswamy & Ramdas, Advocates (“S&R”) is one of imagination, determination and hard work. S&R is a law Firm having its roots in the oldest law practice in the City of Bengaluru, with a legacy dating back to 1926. The practice of the Firm had its origins in the vision of Mr. S.D. Ganesha Rao, who was a leading lawyer of his times. Under his aegis, the practice established itself and developed as one of the pre-eminent and respected law offices in Karnataka.

In 1947, Mr. S. D. Ganesha Rao was joined by his son, Mr. S.G. Sundaraswamy. The firm was then called Ganesha Rao & Sundaraswamy. Within a short span of time, S.G. Sundaraswamy rose to be a doyen of the Bar. He was appointed Advocate General for the State of Karnataka during 1971-72 and was later designated as a Senior Advocate by the High Court of Karnataka. Mr. Sundaraswamy was joined in law practice by his son Mr. S.S. Ramdas in the year 1974.With a steady growth in practice, the Firm became prominent and noteworthy and over a period of time diversified into several areas of law, including Company Law, Constitutional Law, Taxation Laws, Civil Laws, etc.

S&R,under the able stewardship of Mr. S.S. Ramdas, who is a designated Senior Advocate by the High Court of Karnataka, constantly endeavours to provide high quality and effective legal advice and services to its Clients.  Our Partners appear and represent Clients in the Supreme Court of India, several High Courts across the Country and Civil Courts & Tribunals in the State of Karnataka.

S&R,nurtured and driven by the expertise of its Partners viz., Mr. S.S. Ramdas, Mr. Pradeep S. Sawkar, Mrs. Bharathi Ramdas and Mr. S.R. Kamalacharan and a team of highly competent and dedicated Associates, has grown in strength and diversified its areas of service and operations to several facets of legal service, including, corporate and contractual advice, commercial negotiations, commercial/corporate litigation, corporate transactions, arbitration & conciliation, etc.

The highly experienced administrative, clerical and para-legal staff at S&R is well trained, committed and efficient; they harmoniously complement our Partners and Associates and add great value to our practice.